About State Supply

About Us

State Supply Company, Inc. is the Nation's leading distributor of steam traps and repair parts. We specialize in boiler room supplies, steam and hydronic heating. Over the years we have earned our reputation as a knowledge wholesaler dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our warehouse stocks over 17,000 products and our staff has spent years in the field. State Supply is committed to finding and delivering the product you need, fast.

Our Mission

State Supply is dedicated to maintaining our reputation as the most knowledgeable wholesaler in the steam and hot water heating business. We strive to be not just a wholesaler, but a partner. State Supply will help our customers diagnose their problems, find the solution, and ship their orders in the same day.

Our History

State Supply was founded in 1933 during the depths of the depression by an Italian immigrant named Joseph Lombardo. Embattled by an economy that produced few opportunities, Joe took the bold step of starting a new company from the confines of his 1926 Series 126 Dodge four-door sedan.

Quite often Joe would obtain an order from a customer, go down the block to a local supplier and buy the products. That same day he would go back to his customer and present him with the order - while "marking-up" the products to make some money. Today, we call this "One Sourcing." Yesterday, they called it survival. Joe made $1,490 that first year, and counted his blessings.

And Joe and his family did survive. Oh sure, World War II arrived and all sorts of product became scarce. It was not a good time for Joe to make a living, but he made do. The war ended. His son and son-in-law joined the firm. A fire destroyed the State Supply building in 1962. They rebuilt. More family joined the firm, along with a lot of other people. And before you could whistle "Dixie" State Supply had become the Nation's leading wholesale distributor of steam traps and repair parts.

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Of the hundreds of companies that once manufactured steam traps, only a handful are still in business. That means anyone maintaining a radiator heating system faces a jigsaw puzzle when it's time to find a part — unless they call State Supply
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