Bell & Gossett Separator Rolairtrol Flanged R-5F


Product Description

BG model R-5F is a 5" Flanged Rolairtrol air seperator with strainer. 425 gpm capacity, steel body rated 125 psi and 350 degree F. Shipping weight 220lbs, ASME construction.

Removal of air from within the water will increase heat transfer, save energy and increase heating comfort. When the fluid enters the seperator, a combination of centrifugal force and velocity reduction of the fluid though the baffle will cause the air to be collected in a stainless steel tube. The air then rises to an air vent. The deaerated water then continues though the system.

Manufacturer N/A
SKU BI3071
Model 5360-05F-12-001
Product Code N/A
Product Weight N/A
Valve Type No
Material No
Connection Type Flanged
Connection Size 5" 125lb
Hertz No