Marsh F&T Steam Traps, Model 14, 1-1/2" pipe, 15 psi


Product Description

Marsh float & thermostatic model 14 1-1/2"pipe 15lb maximum operating pressure, capacity 2,760 pounds per hour.

Marsh float and thermostatic traps are recommended for: modulating pressures where widlely varying loads are present, and pressures vary from maximum to vacuum. They are a good choice for their ability to vent air at very low pressures, handle start up air loads, and operate against back pressure. The float & thermostatic trap is not a good choice for : resistance to hydraulic shock, damage from freezing, and ability to handle dirt. The Marsh 14 Float & thermostatic trap allows steam to enter from one end of the trap, and the condensate to discharge from the opposite end at a left hand angle facing the inlet end of the trap. The 14 cast iron trap has a maximum operating pressure of 15 psi and comes a brass mechanism and copper float. The number 14 is continuous drainage and is designed for low pressure steam mains. The 1-1/2" 14 has a inlet to outlet width of 11", a height of 11-5/8" and a weight of 21lbs.

Product Documentation

Manufacturer Marsh
SKU MD1030
Model N/A
Product Code 14112
Product Weight 45 lbs.
Series N/A
Steam Trap Type Float & Thermostatic
Body Style N/A
Material Cast Iron
Connection Type N/A
Connection Size 1-1/2" NPT
Max Body Pressure N/A
Max Operating Pressure N/A
Seat Orifice I.D. N/A
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