Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett Pumps are ready for same-day shipping at discount prices! Choose from Bell & Gossett pumps for homes and buidings- And all the Bell & Gossett repair parts you could ever need! These Bell & Gossett pumps, valves, repair parts and other products are shipped from the State Supply master distribution center in Saint Paul, Minnesota USA. Order online or call our customer hotline at 1-877-775-7705.

Inline Booster Pumps

Series 100

Bell & Gossett pumps and their repair parts are on-the-shelf ready for same-day shipping from State Supply! Select from the Series 100, LR15 and LR20, NRF and NBF, PL and PL-VS, 2NFI, 2BNFI, 2-1/2, LD3, HD3, HV, HVBNFI, PR, and PD series. Find B&G pump replacements for your old SLC-30 and SLC-25 pumps and a variety of related Bell & Gossett pump accessories. Bell & Gossett pump repair parts are available for ordering within each specific Bell & Gossett pump page.

Inline Centrifugal Pumps

Series 60

Bell & Gossett Series 60 pumps and Bell and Gossett repair parts are ready for same day shipping. In October 1999 Bell and Gossett initiated a design change on these Series 60 pumps. Complete new pumps in either red-colored cast iron or bronze construction, and repair parts for both old and new style are available for all Series 60 pumps. The new Bell & Gossett pumps share the same flange-to-flange dimensions as the old style B&G 60 pumps.

Series 80

Bell & Gossett 80 pumps are installed into horizontal, straight-through piping. In-line mounting eliminates the need for special pads or foundations in most cases. Standard piping supports on both sides of the B&G 80 pumps are required at all the times - The support ring located on the underside of the centrifugal pump volute is designed to provide ground support when necessary. Flanged pipe connections from 1-1/2" to 8". Quiet and dependable operation from Bell & Gossett.

Series 90

The series 90 are close-coupled in-line mounted pumps available in 1" through 2" sizes with Bell & Gossett 1/4 HP through 2 HP motors operating at 1750 RPM and 1/2 HP through 15 HP motors operating at 3500 RPM. Available in bronze-fitted construction with flows to 200 GPM, heads to 225 feet. An excellent all-purpose B&G pump designed for vertical and horizontal in-line mounting. More economically priced than the Bell Gossett 80's above, but operates louder with less longevity than the Series 80.

Base-mounted Centrifugal Pumps

Series 1510

Bell Gossett 1510 pumps are custom built and shipped in as little as 3 to 4 days! The B&G 1510 centrifugal pumps utilize a complete bearing assembly - Bell & Gossett 1510 pump housing - that contains all the major Bell & Gossett 1510 pump components. Available in a wide range of horse powers and pipe connection sizes. Order Bell Gossett 1510 pump repair parts and motors on-line. Need a whole new B&G pump? Download the Series 1510 Pump Ordering Guide and catalog pages below to confidently order the correct pump.


Bell & Gossett VSC & VSCS pumps are now part of the Bell & Gossett VSX series of pumps. The Bell & Gossett VSC & VSCS pump repair parts are displayed in the PDF below are for the old VSC & VSCS pumps made BEFORE February 2006. The complete new VSX series of pumps (VSC, VSCS and VSH) are factory ordered. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.

Bell and Gossett VSX series incorporated the VSC, VSH and VSCS pump configurations in February of 2006. Give us a call for both complete Bell & Gossett pump and repair part pricing and availability. All complete new VSX series pumps are made-to-order at the B&G factory. Allow approximately 4-weeks for delivery. Many of the VSX repair parts are available for shipping no later than 24-hours after receipt of order.

Foot-mounted Centrifugal Pumps

Series 1522

The series 1522 Bell & Gossett pumps are end-suction centrifugal pumps with a front suction, top discharge design. Available in 1/4 h.p to 3/4 h.p. in 1750 RPM and 3450 RPM speeds and 115 volt, 115/230 volt or 208-230/460 volt motors.

Series 1531

The Bell Gossett 1531 pump is end-suction (front suction x top discharge) and close-coupled (the impeller attaches directly to the motor shaft) with a base-mounted design. Applications for the Bell & Gossett 1531 pump include hydronic heating and cooling systems, general service, and more. Bronze-fitted for general heating and potable water. Bronze-body Bell & Gossett pumps are available for food service applications. Replacement components, motors and pump repair parts can be ordered on-line.

Series 1535

B&G's Series 1535 is a rugged, close-coupled, centrifugal pump . Rated to 175 psig working pressure. Choose from 1-1/4" suction x 1" discharge, or 2" suction x 1-1/2" discharge. Bell & Gossett repair parts include motors, seal kits, body gaskets, shaft sleeves and more!

Heat Exchangers & Tube Bundles

Model SU and WU

State Supply has your B&G shell & tube heat exchanger and replacement tube bundles for both steam (SU) and hot water (WU) applications. Steam or hot water flows through the copper ITT heat exchangers tubes to heat water. Select from a wide range of shell tube heat exchanger sizes. Replacement tube bundles and required gaskets ship in as little as one week. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Valves and Controls

Bell & Gossett valves and accessories for your hot water heating system are on the shelf at State Supply! Find B&G balancing valves, handy isolation valves to make Bell & Gossett pump replacement a breeze, pressure reducing and relief valves, sediment removal separators and Bell & Gossett pump suction diffusers, zone valves and air separators, air vents, expansion tanks and more Bell and Gossett valves and accessories.