Spirax-Sarco F&T Steam Trap, Model FT-14-10, 2" pipe, 145 psi


Product Description

Spirax Sarco FT-14-10 is a 2" NPT Hi-Pressure (145#) inline steam trap.

The FT-14 series of industrial steam traps feature rugged cast iron (1") or ductile iron (1-1/2" and 2") construction for pressures from 65 psig up to 200 psig. The convenient in-line connections allow for servicing of all trap internals without removing the trap from the pipeline. The stainless steel air vent, float, and valve eliminate air binding, resist corrosion and allow for continuous drainage of condensate. The float valve mechanism modulates to discharge condensate continuously at steam temperature, while non-condensable gases are released by a separate internal balanced pressure thermostatic air vent.

Product Documentation

Manufacturer Spirax-Sarco
Model FT-14-10
Product Code 668790
Product Weight 52 lbs.
Series FT-14 Series
Steam Trap Type Float & Thermostatic
Body Style Threaded Straight
Material Cast Iron
Connection Type NPT
Connection Size 2"
Max Body Pressure No
Max Operating Pressure 145 psi
Seat Orifice I.D. No
Repair Parts