Steam Traps

Steam Traps

Steam trap repair parts and complete steam traps are on the shelf ready for same-day shipping from State Supply! 12 different brands of steam traps and steam trap repair parts including Armstrong steam traps, Hoffman Specialty steam traps, Spirax-Sarco steam traps and nine other brands. Choose from the complete steam trap or their repair parts! Steam traps are the guardians of energy efficiency in steam heating systems. When working efficiently, steam traps "trap" steam at its point-of-use (radiator, heat exchanger, etc.). When steam traps fail they can no longer keep the steam in the heating equipment - Steam races wildly into the return pipe lines where it condenses into water. Steam traps should be either repaired or replaced every five years.

Radiator Traps

Radiator steam traps are found on radiator, convectors and related equipment in steam heating systems. Usually operating under 15 pounds psi of steam or less, radiator traps often make up the largest population of steam traps in your low-pressure steam heating system. The single operating component within the radiator trap is the thermostatic element - Opening to let condensed steam (water) out of the equipment being trapped, and closing to prevent steam from going beyond its point of use.

Replace the thermostatic element every five years to both ensure proper steam trap operation and save thousands of dollars annually on your steam heating bills. Virtually all of the steam trap brand names distributed by State Supply include radiator traps in their product line-up. Barnes & Jones makes replacement thermostatic steam trap elements for almost every radiator traps ever made, including both current and obsolete models.

Float & Thermostatic Traps

F & T traps are long-lasting float & thermostatic steam traps. Usually found at the end of steam mains, long piping runs and steam heating equipment that produce large quantities of heat - Like unit heaters, heat exchangers, etc. Composed of a valve mechanism assembly with seat, internal thermostatic air vent and a stainless steel float, the F & T traps should be repaired every five years to ensure a robust steam trap operation. Replacement components and complete F & T traps are ready for same-day shipping from State Supply. Almost all of the 12 brand name manufacturers distributed by State Supply offer F & T traps and repair parts in their product line-up.

Inverted Bucket Traps

Inverted bucket traps are robust, long-lasting steam traps found in both steam heating systems and commercial/industrial applications. Composed of a stainless steel bucket, valve mechanism assembly & seat and cover gasket. The valve mechanism assembly, also known as a PCA or pressure change assembly, should be replaced every five years to ensure proper steam trap operation. The stainless steel bucket lasts many years. Replace the bucket only if it is cracked, dented or too corroded to clean.

The most popular lines of bucket traps and repair parts sold by State Supply include Armstrong, Spirax-Sarco and Hoffman Specialty. All complete steam traps and their steam trap repair parts are on the shelf ready for same-day shipping at discounted prices.

Thermodynamic Traps

Thermodynamic steam traps are found on tracer lines and process equipment in industrial-like applications. The single operating component within the thermodynamic steam trap is the disc. After several years the disc will become worn and no longer seat properly. State Supply recommends replacing the internal disc every five years to ensure a robust steam trap operation. Replacement discs and complete thermodynamic steam traps are ready for same-day shipping from State Supply. Thermodynamic steam traps are currently manufactured by Armstrong, Spirax-Sarco and others.