Armstrong steam traps including bucket steam traps and F&T traps along with all their steam trap repair parts are ready for same-day shipping from State Supply. Here you will find the nation’s largest selection of Armstrong steam traps for steam heating systems. Plus, whatever State Supply stocks in complete steam traps are complemented by the steam trap repair parts to fix the corresponding steam traps. And why pipe-in a new Armstrong steam trap when you can repair it? Repairing steam traps is a lot easier than re-piping in a new one! Download the State Supply Steam Trap Catalog for extensive product and repair part information. Questions or concerns? Give our Armstrong steam trap experts a call Toll Free at 877-775-7705.

Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

Armstrong bucket steam traps are a robust mechanical steam trap. Select from series 200, 800, 880, 1000 and 2000 for pipe sizes from ½" to 2½". Armstrongs internal stainless steel steam trap buckets last for many years. Simply replace the trap's internal valve mechanism and cover gasket every five years to ensure proper steam trap operation. Bucket steam traps are widely used on both low-pressure steam heating systems and higher steam processing pressures up to 950 PSI.

Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps

Armstrong float & thermostatic steam traps work well on both light and heavy loads of steam heat generated condensate. At system start up the robust air vent installed within the Armstrong F&T steam trap discharges large amounts of air into your condensate return lines. F&T steam traps are found on low-pressure steam heating systems (15 pounds psi and under) and higher steam pressures up to 175 pounds psi.

Select from Armstrong steam trap series A, B, K and J. Armstrong "A" and "B" series float & thermostatic steam traps are a high quality F&T trap, built for years of reliable operation. The Armstrong "K" and "J" series F&T steam traps are high-capacity steam traps, installed on heating and processing equipment that quickly gives up heat. Same-day shipping and wholesale pricing on Armstrong steam traps from State Supply.

State Supply stocks repair parts for all current and most of the obsolete F&T steam traps. Most traps and parts are shipped same-day!

Air Vents

Armstrong Air Vents deploy a free-floating lever to discharge non-condensable gases. Great for venting up to 300 psi. The model 21AR is for pressures to 600 psig. A small, economical Armstrong air vent, using a single lever with a fixed pivot, ensuring tight shutoff. Same-day shipping from State Supply.

Select from such Armstrong air vent models 1, 2, 3, 6, 11AV and Armstrong air vent model 21AR. Same-day shipping on both Armstrong steam traps and their repair parts from State Supply.

Lever Drain Traps

Armstrong Lever Drain Traps deploy the same lever mechanisms, valves and seats as used in the Armstrong inverted bucket traps. For service pressures up to 300 psig saturated steam. Same-day shipping from State Supply!

Select from such models as the Armstrong lever drain trap 1LD, 2LD, 3LD and 6LD - All with cast iron body construction. In stainless steel body construction, select from Armstrong lever drain trap models 11LD, 13LD and 14LD.