Barnes & Jones

Steam traps by Barnes & Jones. Barnes and Jones produces the world famous Cage Unit for steam traps: an economically-priced replacement steam trap thermostat made to fit inside any radiator steam trap ever made! Barnes and Jones also makes a complete line of Float & Thermostatic steam traps and radiator steam traps, along with float and thermostatic steam trap repair kits to repair all the commonly installed float & thermostatic steam traps. Economically priced with a 90-year record of proven, long-lasting performance. All the Cage Units, radiator steam traps and float and thermostatic steam trap repair kits are on the shelf ready for same-day shipping! Download the Steam Traps Catalog for extensive product information. Need help? Call us at 877-775-7705.

Radiator Traps

Barnes and Jones steam traps for radiators and other similar steam heating equipment. Radiator trap models 122A, 134A, 147 and others. Select steam traps with 90 degree angle, straight or vertical pattern pipe connections. Union nipple tailpiece on one side, female pipe on the other. ½" to 1" pipe sizes. Steam operating pressures to 65 psig. All ready for same-day shipping from State Supply.

Cage Units for Radiator Traps

Radiator trap repair made easy with Barnes & Jones Cage Units! Hundred's of different cage units to completely refurbish both current and obsolete models of radiator traps for steam heating. Simply determine the brand name, model number and pipe size of your existing trap to find the radiator trap Cage Units to repair your steam trap. Some Cage Units require a new B&J trap cover upon first installation.

Float & Thermostatic Trap Repair Kits for Other Brands of Steam Traps

Barnes & Jones F&T trap repair kits include pre-assembled units with the steam trap's thermostat, valve mechanism and stainless steel float preassembled to a new cover with cover gasket. A real time saver! No need for on-the-job parts assembly. Simply take off the old steam trap cover, bolt on the new cover, and you're done. Available to repair a variety of different brand names and model numbers. Some repair kits not available in the preassembled style - All the steam trap parts are boxed together for easy on the job assembly.

Float & Thermostatic Traps and Repair Parts

Barnes & Jones FT-2000 series F&T steam traps and repair parts: models FT2015-3 to FT2125-8. Standard "H" pattern piping design with inlets and outlets on both sides of the steam trap. Simply insert a pipe plug into the un-used outlet and inlet on the steam trap. Choose from ¾" to 2" pipe sizes. Steam operating pressures from 15 to 125 psig. Also find the new in-line design of Barnes & Jones F&T traps - The perfect replacement for the standard in-line bucket steam trap.

Thermostatic Industrial Traps

Barnes & Jones steam trap models 2GW, 3GW, 2V, 3PW and more. These steam traps are often used in industrial applications. ½" and ¾" pipe sizes. Straight-through or angle pattern pipe connections. Steam operating pressures to 250 psig. On-the-shelf ready for same-day shipping from State Supply. Questions or concerns? Give our City Desk a call at 877-775-7705.

Steam Trap Repair Parts

Repair your Barnes & Jones steam traps with repair kits and Cage Units from State Supply. Cage Units repair all the Barnes & Jones radiator traps and thermostatic industrial steam traps. F&T traps are repaired with either the preassembled head assemblies (all parts pre-assembled to a new trap cover) or with repair kits - All repair parts boxed together for easy on the job assembly.