Armstrong float and thermostatic (F&T) steam traps are available in a wide variety of sizes and pressure ranges. All models have stainless steel floats and high-quality thermostats. Many are available in both standard capacity and high capacity versions. F&T traps work well on both light and heavy loads of steam heat generated condensate. These traps are meant for low-pressure steam heating systems (15 psi and under) as well as higher steam pressures up to 175 psi. F&T traps feature separate orifices for condensate and air, which provide continuous condensate drainage and air venting even under conditions of zero pressure. A level connects the ball float to the valve and seat. Once condensate reaches a certain level in the trap, the float rises, opening the orifice and draining condensate. A water seal formed by the condensate prevents live steam loss. Since the discharge valve is under water, it is not capable of venting air and non-condensables. When the accumulation of air and con-condensable gases causes a significant temperature drop, a thermostatic air vent in the top of the trap discharges them.