McDonnell & Miller low water cut-offs provide a reliable method of controlling a boiler feed pump. They are mounted at the boiler water line and starts and stops the pump as the boiler water dictates. Consequently, it holds the boiler water level at the limits recommended by the boiler manufacturer to maintain maximum steaming efficiency. McDonnell & Miller low water cut-offs are available in float-operated or probe and float built-in styles. McDonnell & Miller pump controls are available in or commercial and industrial low or high pressure boiler applications. McDonnell & Miller offers float-operated pump controllers with snap action switches for high temperature service, as well as, single pole, single throw switches and single pole, double throw switches for low water. Pump controls help maintain consistent water regardless of pressure. Some models feature magnetic repulsion operation, which eliminates the need for a bellows assembly, ensuring dependable operation at the higher pressures encountered.