Fiberglass steam pipe insulation is for residential and commercial applications. This pipe insulation is made of 1" thick compressed commercial grade, heavy density resin bonded fiberglass. Fiberglass insulation is jacketed with a smooth, white-colored, textile reinforced vapor retarder that protects the fiberglass and gives it a nice, clean look. Fittings such as tees and elbows are also available for fiberglass pipe insulation. Fiberglass insulation is rated up to 850°F, available for pipe sizes from 1/2" to 6", and sold in 3 foot lengths. This Micro-Lok fiberglass insulation features a peel-off, self-sealing flap for quick and secure installation, a center-split design to easily go around piping, and an outer kraft paper bonded to aluminum foil with fiberglass yarn. Replacing your pipe insulation is one of best ways to achieve energy efficiency in a steam system and can typically reduce energy losses by 80-90%. Uninsulated steam distribution and condensate return lines are a massive source of wasted energy. Any asbestos insulation should be replaced with fiberglass and damaged or wet insulation should be repaired immediately to prevent energy waste. Take care to remove moisture and fix any leaks prior to replacing insulation. The Department of Energy has a free tool called 3E Plus. This downloadable calculator is designed to help users determine the return on investment (ROI) of an insulation implementation or upgrade. 3E Plus allows users run an energy loss analysis by factoring in pipe size, base metal type, process temperatures, and surface geometry, along with the types of insulation being considered. With this information, 3E Plus is able to tell you the amount of energy and emissions that will be reduced by upgrading your insulation.